Camunda Spring Boot configuration Job Executor Configuration related to queueSize


Dear Sir,

We are using camunda spring boot 2.0.0 with tomcat as embedded server (in spring boot).

How do we set below variables to job executor?

    <!-- Note: the following properties only take effect in a Tomcat environment -->
    <property name="queueSize">3</property>
    <property name="corePoolSize">5</property>
    <property name="maxPoolSize">10</property>
    <property name="keepAliveTime">0</property>

Need your help?


If the yaml configuration properties are not sufficient, you can always fall back to custom bean implementation.
In your case, check `DefaultJobConfiguration.JobConfiguration#camundaTaskExecutor``

This is the default implementing bean that allows some settings via yaml. You can disable that bean by providing a custom implementation that configures the taskExecutor as desired.

so somewhere in your configuration do

public TaskExecutor myTaskExecutor() {

    final ThreadPoolTaskExecutor threadPoolTaskExecutor = new ThreadPoolTaskExecutor();

// ... other properties

   return threadPoolTaskExecutor;


Thanks jangalinski for quick response.