Camunda rpa bridge - spring boot

Can anyone help me with this yml file error (rpa camunda).
I’m trying to do an orchestration test and I’m crashing on that part. Do you have anything else to do? In the documentation guide in camunda does not say anything else about.

Can you share your application.yml file?

The error looks like the wrong indentation in application.yml for uipath-api:. It’s hard to confirm now because you copy-pasted the file content and formatting is lost.
I would recommend double-checking the correctness of indentation for all properties according to Camunda Platform RPA Bridge |

Also, I guess that organization-unit-id should be Integer, like 2528746.

Please attach the application.yml file(instead of pasting the content) if you still will need help with finding the proper file format after the review. This way we will see the formatting that matters in this case.

I used online yml file validator and also opened it in notepad++ to check the indentation and everything is ok, but the error remains.

Novo Documento de Texto.txt (2.2 KB)

You’re using the wrong indentation, please review the link I suggested in the previous update.
I’m attaching the application.yml that should work for you.
I suggest you comparing my file with yours to get the difference.Processing: application.yml…
application.yml.txt (2.2 KB)

Give it a try with my version of the application.yml and let me know how it goes.

I was able to start the bridge with the attached YML file with no errors. The only difference I see at the moment is the version. According to the last screenshot you’re using version 1.0.0 while Ш am using version 1.1.1. Can you get the latest version(1.1.1) and give it another try?

It keeps giving the same error, even with the newer version. Do I need something else activated besides the yml file? like platform camunda run or uipath?

I would start Camunda before attempt to start the Bridge. The bridge will try to connect Camunda on start.

Make sure that url: http://localhost:8080/engine-rest is correct in your case.

Installation & Configuration | - provides required steps.
One of the steps before launching the bridge is " Launch the platform…".

Might be helpful to review this guide.