Camunda Okta Springboot Configuration

Hi Team,
Like Camunda Keycloak plugin, is there any plugin available for Camunda Okta?

How to configure Camunda-Okta in the Spring-boot application?
If you have any reference means pls share it



Ive built an Okta identity plugin which I was planning on contributing to the new community hub. It even supports MFA via the Okta authenticator. If you’re interested, message me back and I’ll get Maven project to you so you can play with a local build…




Amazing - looking forward to checking out the plugin Rob.

hi @Webcyberrob ,

Great. Good Job.
I am interested. We are looking forward to checking out your Okta-Camunda plugin.


@Webcyberrob it will be a good addition

I am interested in the plugin. I might even be able to contribute if help needed.

Nice job @Webcyberrob

Could you share the project with me?

Thank you.

@Webcyberrob Did that plugin ever make it to the community hub? I could not find it. If not, would you mind sharing?