Camunda not accessible from localhost but accessible from

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My camunda process engine, installed yesterday, was starting up when i executed Today it seems to be starting fine from what i can tell from the logs. The welcome page that opens up once the process is complete does not seem to opening the dashboard. The issue seems to be with the name i.e. when i change localhost to the page loads and i can see cockpit,tasklist etc.

I am using camunda BPM 7.13.0-ee on Wildfly Application Server 19.0.0.Final. What could be the issue?

I have include screenshots below,

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This is not a Camunda problem but a network setup problem.
Which operating system do you use?

The system probably resolves localhost to IPv6 address ::1 and Wildfly uses IPv4 address

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I am using macOS High Sierra. I just restarted my Macbook. Seems to be working now. Not really sure what happened.