Camunda modeler on touch devices


Has anyone tried to use Camunda modeller on a Microsoft Surface Pro with a surface pen? I’m trying to use it in such a pair. But it’s hard to select objects, to change labels of events. Maybe there is a way to get better user experience then I’m getting right now?


Hi @AlxndrAntnv

Right now we have a very small touch interaction support inside our modeling toolkit libraries. We also see a recurrent appearing of this topic, but it’s not one of our major goals right now. Maybe it will be in one of our next quarters, once it revealed the topic getting more important for more users.

Regarding the things you mentioned (selecting objects, change labels), I want to encourage you to open a new ticket in which you can declare what you want to have, so we can see whether we can tackle it soon.


Hi @Niklas_Kiefer,
Great to hear, that there is a chance to get a better experience with Camunda on touch devices. I’ll open the ticket and will try to give you more details on problems I’ve faced with and my thoughts about what better support of touch devices can be.