Camunda Message and signalling


I want to do some task in BPMN flow to execute only on some kind of message or signal throw by previous task.
Can anyone suggest any help…


@SudhirBisht can you provide a sample image of your flow that you want to build?


Dont have a BPMN image still.

What actually i want to do is to throw and catch message from one activity to another.

Receiving http requests

@SudhirBisht here is a example using Expressions to generate the inter-process message

ThrowMessageTest.bpmn (7.6 KB)

Message exchange in pools
How to send a message from a Service Task to a Message Start Event
Correlate message

I want to send message from Task2 to Task3.

How we can we do it.


What functionality are you trying to achieve?
Messages should not be thrown and caught withing the same instance. There are probably better ways of achieving what you want.



Check this link …

It contains the same case i want to do.


In this scenario :-

You’re process is at the order fulfillment call ativitiy and the process is waiting for an external source to send an Order Canceled message. Once received it will cancel the call activity and move toe handle order…

So in this example the message is not coming from or being triggered by anything in the process instance itself.