Camunda - first touch


Hi guys,

I’m trying to get through the basics and got stuck quicky.
Started with YT tutorial ’ 2 Camunda Tutorial for Java Developers’ and made a copy of it. Nevertheless created process in Tasklist is not visible in cockpit mode (No running process). In the video was everything fine by refresh webpage

Do you have any clue what’s the problem?

Thanks a lot


the process started and finished after executing a service task. Thats why you don’t see a running instance in cockpit.
Tasklist only shows user tasks so if you add a user task to your model you’ll see the process waiting at it in cockpit as well as the task itself in tasklist.


Hi Niall,

That makes sense to me :slight_smile: I was confused there isn’t any sign of token in end process (the small bubble above end proces symbol in graph).

I found out the history feature for cockpit is available in enterprise version only.

In forum already exists a thread unable-to-see-history-tab-on-camunda-cockpit where you explain how to proceed in this case so i will learn more about it.

Thank you!