Camunda external worker poll requests infinitely when workers doesn't respond to any work the polled

hi everyone
I’m new to camunda and i was implementing a simple external worker in spring boot. i accidently forgot to put any complete or error in workers and noticed that tasks are polled infinitely although i had specified maximum retry count 3(R3/PT1M). is there any solution to limit this behavior ? what happen if one external server go down in the middle of work or programmer have some bug that in specific condition response has not been returned to camunda server…the server will get stuck in an infinite loop.

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Hi @Mina_Kh,

Please have a look at “Reporting Task Failure” topic.

The process engine does not decrement retries itself. Instead, such a behavior can be implemented by setting the retries to task.getRetries() - 1 when reporting a failure

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thanks for your answer. but what happen if the worker http request of reporting a failure doesn’t reach Communda server for any reason? engine doesn’t consider a failure has happened due to for example network problems?

It is equal to task didn’t answers in required lock time. So it is free now.And will be available on next fetch and lock query.
Camunda just lock task for some time.