Camunda-engine-rest,group/create is throwing 405 method not allowed


I’m trying to insert the new group through camunda rest api .

  1. when i’m trying through rest end client i’m able to insert the data successfully.
  2. Same thing when i’m trying to do with akka-http it is throwing following error.
    500 Internal Server Error,{“type”:“MethodNotAllowedException”,“message”:“No resource method found for POST, return 405 with Allow header”}



Can anyone please help me with this!


Why are you using this endpoint?


Hi @Niall ,
I’ve logged in with this url:
where the next pages are linked with default.
I’m using camunda rest api’s for the first time,
Please tell me the correct path to login.


The endpoint you’re using is only intended to be used by the front end applications.
the endpoint you should be using to make calls is to
or if you’re using springboot the endpoint is