Camunda Engine not identifying custom added form fields


I am new to Camunda and BPMN Js. I am trying the following.
I have added few custom elements to the BPMN Js properties panel ( For example i have added ‘checkbox’ and ‘radio’ types as additional form fields under ‘Forms’ tab. I have designed a BPM process with a form which has these newly added form fields. but when i try to deploy this process to Camunda engine, the engine is not recognizing these newly added fields. It is throwing the following error.

“type”: “ProcessEngineException”,
“message”: “ENGINE-09005 Could not parse BPMN process. Errors: \n* unknown type ‘checkbox’ | BPMNTest.bpmn | line 19 | column 69\n* unknown type ‘radio’ | BPMNTest.bpmn | line 23 | column 70”

Do I need to do any additional configuration in Camunda engine to recognize these newly added form fields.

I have similar kind of question in case of properties panel extension example too ( A new tab has been added to the properties panel in this example. Will camunda engine recognize this newly added one.

Please help.


Hello @RAMU_Y

Have you made any progress with both of these issues?

I find it alarming that the features have been available for many versions of the modeler but no one from Camunda bothers explaining it nor does the documentation. If these are dead-end functionality then why not remove it from the modeler to prevent multitudes of users wasting MANY hours trying to figure it out!

Which features exactly are you talking about?

Where have you looked exactly and what kind of documentation do you think is missing

What exactly are you trying to implement? maybe we can help point you in the right direction

Hello @Niall

My frustration stems from having spent so much time combing through the documentation and reading many forum posts about the very same issues as expressed by the original poster : The Modeler, under Form Fields, has made provision for 1. a Custom Type and 2. Properties for a very long time by now.
However, neither are covered in the documentation, notwithstanding so many people requesting help regarding both of these on this forum.

Thanks for your assistance.

While I’m not aware that there are very many people using this feature, it’s very helpful to know the gap in the documentation. I’ll see what i we do about addressing the issue of better explaining Custom Types.

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Thanks so much @Niall

Not only how to define and use 1. Custom Types, but also what is 2. Properties meant for and how do you use it.