Camunda EE with dynamic licence from external location


we use the Camunda Enterprise Edition (EE) as a SpringBoot application in a docker container.
This container will ship together with other containers to our customers (as a product).

So, every customer will need its own Camunda EE licence.

Unfortunatly I don’t see a good way to add the licence information (credentials and key) dynamically at runtime.

At build time I only have access to our own licence information, as described in the post

Can anyone help me?
We need a way to add the licence information from an external location at runtime.

Since you’re an enterprise customer it might be a better idea to ask thing in the context of a help request to the customer success team.

Ok, as we are still figuring out the possibilities, I thought this would be a good place here …
Yet we only have a trial version.

Hi @Chris,

you should use the feature to add a license automatically only during development.

When it comes to production packaging/deployment, you should remove the license file from the package and add it seperately, maybe with an insert into the database.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you.
Is there a documentation how to insert a licence file directly into the database? (which table, field etc.?)

Instead I found this documentation:
camunda.bpm.license-file : Provides an URL to your Camunda license file and is automatically inserted into the DB when the application starts (but only if no license key is found in the DB).

Maybe this is the way I was looking for…

Hi @Chris,

it depends on your build pipeline if you prefer the automatic file based insert or the database insert.

At the end the engine looks into the ACT_GE_PROPERTY table to check the license.

Please have a look into the database for the values of the columns.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thanks a lot