Camunda DMN Test Coverage

Hello everyone!

First I would like to thank you all for the help you gave me in my previous post:

Help: Architecture, Test and DMN deployment via Camunda Rest

Now we decided to add the DMN files to our DMNS project with a CSV file where we have all the tests to perform.

We do this by using the JUnitParams library, which greatly simplifies this.

Now, as seen in the screenshot, we try to add the coverage of these tests.

I found only this project to do it:

But it only calculates the percentage of rows that each of the tests used. Not a total percentage.

For example:

Season - Dinner
Winter - Food 1
Fall - Food 2
Spring - Food 3
Summer - Food 4

If we do the test with “Winter”

The coverage that we will have on this test is 25%.

If we do the 4 tests, this would be valid. Each test covers its fair share.

But what happens in the following cases:

We run 3 tests. Except for “Summer”
Now, the coverage would be “correct” on the 3 tests. But we are not covering 100% of the possibilities.

The idea is that we can verify that each row of the “DMN” has been executed at least once.

Is there any other way to do these coverage tests?
Or am I misusing this library?