Camunda Deployment Maven Plugin (Rest API)



Wanted to share a quick community tool I have put together.

This is a maven plugin that will enable someone to easily deploy to a Camunda instance through the Camunda /deployment/create API endpoint.

The plugin detects all files inside of a directory and will POST these to the camunda instance defined within the plugin configuration.

Really great if using unit testing as your Build-Test-Deploy flow. I put this together to use with the Spock Unit Testing that we use:

The configuration of the plugin gives you a lot of options for changing the features, and you can completely replace the executing script (groovy) with your own. So the “possibilities are endless” :wink:

Would be great to get some community feedback on usage and configurations.

There are still some configurations to make configurable, but the majority is in place.

The Readme has full details on usage through the command line and through tools like IntelliJ


Provided some updates for more configuration options:

                    <scriptPath>scripts/myScript.groovy</scriptPath>  <!-- Path is relative to pom.xml unless full path is provided-->