Camunda Community Platform for production purposes


Dear Forum,

I would like to see the possibility of contacting through this forum people who are using Camunda Community Platform in production environments that want to help me build a production environment.

Best regards,
José Guillen


@jaguillen what would you like to know?


Hi StephenOTT,

First of all thank you very much for answering. I want to install Camunda Communty Platform to mount a real case of BPMN 2.0. My team has no budget in the short and medium term. However, I would like to move forward with this topic, for which I would like to have contacts that I could consult that are using the Community version in production and have already dealt with issues of this version.

Now make an installation in Ubuntu with the H2 base that comes by default. In this sense I will perform the tests to connect it to MySQL.

When I’m going to perform a Deploy, this version does not support the Deploy button. In this sense I would like to know how to do Deploy or Re-Deploy without the button?

Best regards,
José Guillén


Take a look at:

your best bet here is to use the docker distrubution, and override your processes config to point to your custom DB:

Then you can use Postman( or use camunda-modeler to deploy to the engine:


Thank you very much Stephen. A very good starting point!