Camunda Cloud, Zeebe,

I classified this in Process Engine because I noticed discussions on Cloud. The moderator can move this to an appropriate place.

I am interested in discussions on Camunda Cloud, Zeebe, Specifically I am seeking a developer to guide my company through an evaluation of Camunda (vanilla) versus these cloud components.

The is interesting because our objective is to permit a client process engine design a workflow (business process) with joint work on refining.

Zeebe because the scalability of processing documents at scale with sub-minute SLA’s.

Hi @martingales
Welcome to the forum.

Firstly, i can help guide you a bit to where you these discussions can take place.

  • This forum is for discussing the Camunda Platform and all things related, like DMN, BPMN, etc.
  • For specifics about Camunda Cloud there is a dedicated forum to ask questions.
  • Questions about, bpmn-js and related libs can be discussed on this form

In general though any high-level discussion of any of these products or projects can be discussed here.

Nial, I appreciate the information on Cloud forum and

I will place inquiries in the proper forums.

My name is John Schwitz. I will attempt to change the tag Margingales.