Camunda BPM Implementing Aggregator pattern

Hi People.I have a question.Can I use Camunda BPM to implement the aggregator pattern (EIP) to achieve this?I have three different microservices.They are fetching different information related to one customer.Is it possible to use Camunda BPM to aggregate this information(response) then use one field(member number) to query and it returns a payload with the aggregated information?Attached is a photo trying to explain further.

Absolutely, this would be pretty straight forward.
There are probably a hand-full of ways to do it… since you’ve using spring boot, you should have some kind of java class that you can call when you want to aggregate the data that has been returned from the other services.

I have tried but I don’t seem to achieve this.Could you have any links,videos or materials related to the above that would help me?I will appreciate.

Can you explain what you’ve tried so far and what exactly the problem you’re having it?

I have implemented this using REST Http Endpoints.I implemented by extending Java Delegate Class.It works perfectly.I would however wish to implement the same using queues(Activemq) instead of REST(http).I have tried looking for materials online that can help me achieve the same but not successful.Please help.