Camunda - BPM Assessment

Hi All,

I am looking assessing CAMUNDA for a client’s BPM requirement such as AS-IS, TO-BE process maps. Please help me with below questions :

  1. Is it web based ?
  2. Proven data security
  3. Should allow easy documentation of processes
  4. Intuitive UI
  5. Drill downs
  6. Easy maintenance

Please help with these queries. It’s kind of urgent.

Hi Shubham - It is :

  1. Web-Based
  2. Spring-Security is integrated, what kind of security are you exactly looking for
  3. easy documentation of processes - what do you mean by this?
  4. They have some specific UI based things like Tasklist/Cockpit etc. but you can always build UI on top of their rest services
  5. drill-downs - do you mean debugging?
  6. Maintenance is pretty easy as the control of process definitions are in your hands

Request you to please elaborate a bit more if you need anything specific

Thanks Anuj for quick reply.
2. Security as in data security, user control, is the data management done by in-house team ?
3. Since main requirement is Process Mapping, so does it require coding/or any specific training ? Is it easy to use for simple workflows? Is it drag and drop ?
5. Yes, debugging
6. Do they have strong after sales team ?

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  1. I will leave this for @Niall or @Yana to answer
  2. Debugging is pretty much easy as that is java based and straight-forward, of course they have the Forum running for any specific doubts
  3. Well you have multiple ways, if your process is just about using their cockpit as the UI to maintain the flow, it is pretty easy and literally drag and drop but if you want some automated process to complete the tasks in the flow, you definitely have to write some code to integrate the flow processing
  4. the data will be saved in your preferred DB and is not maintained by the in-house team