Camunda BPM 7.8.0-alpha6 released


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Camunda BPM 7.8.0-alpha6 has been released today.
Read all about it on our blog:

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From reading the related JIRA issues, it seems like the “Significant improvement of engine’s performance due to batching of SQL Statements” applies to Oracle and SQL Server databases. I think I understood this, but I may have misinterpreted it. Do you know if MySQL and/or MariaDB (or others) have improved performance?



Hi @Galen_Hollins,

we’ve made some tests, and we’ve got very good results for Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Postgresql,
but no speed changes for MySQL and MariaDB.

The more complete example will follow.



See also for the potential performance improvments of JDBC batching. It appears you can add a connection string parameter rewriteBatchedStatements=true for MySQL that improves insert performance. Disclaimer: we currently do not test compatibility of this with the engine.