Camunda and Swagger API

Can some direct to an example of using " camunda-bpm-swagger". I tried to follow the instructions by adding the two dependencies.

org.camunda.bpm.extension.swagger camunda-bpm-swagger-json 7.8.0 org.webjars swagger-ui 3.1.4

and tried to access http://localhost:8080/webjars/swagger-ui/3.1.4/index.html?docExpansion=false&url=/swagger.json but was unable to do get the swagger docs

@markivkc25, There is no swagger configuration for Camunda. That extension is outdated and also not maintained. If you are looking for REST api docs, you can refer the docs,

The swagger extension was a proof of concept how we can generate OpenApi doc for the existing rest api. It was never really “production-ready” and is most likely incompatible with the latest rest api versions … so usage is dicouraged, I will update the readme.