Camuna license key is not deployed in DB


Need help to automatically deploy camunda-license key.
I am using camunda spring boot starter.
I am not using @EnableProcessApplication in my spring boot application as @SpringBootApplication class is coming from a library jar adopted.
I have put license file:camunda-license.txt in src/main/resources still it is not deployed while process engine comes up. It was getting deployed if i use @EnableProcessApplication along with @SpringBootApplication

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi @Amit_keshri,

If you are an enterprise customer, you should open a support ticket in our issue tracker:

Are you using the enterprise edition in your artifacts?

Also, you need to use at least the @SpringBootApplication annotation in order for the Camunda configuration to be loaded.



Thanks nikola for your reply.
I am using @SpringBootApplication annotation in a class which is coming from library so camunda default process engine is coming up fine with all the *.bpmn files in src/main/resources are getting deployed as part of SpringAutoDeployment as i am not using @EnableProcessApplication.
My only problem is that i do not observe the camunda license key is automatically deployed though i have put camunda-license.txt file in src/main/resources



Hi Amit,

Thanks for the extra information. Are you by any chance extending or modifying the DefaultProcessEngineConfiguration class, or extending the AbstractCamundaConfiguration? I have seen some examples of users doing this improperly, which results in the license file not being read.



Hi Nikola,

No I am not touching above mentioned classes.