Cammand - Camunda Webapps alternative

Hi @StephenOTT
I am trying to run Cammand on my local computer
I am using the Camunda RUN version
In which file must I put these SpringBoot configs?

Otherwise Camunda runs normally using the default HTTPS config here -
but Camunda does not start with the config here:


Thanks in advance

@jaxx see the docker folder with the docker compose example. If you are using Camunda run then you do not need the Java code shown and can do everything through configuration as shown in the docker folder.

When I use the docker version of Cammand, do I have to start manually also the regular Camunda RUN server before this?
Do I have to put my regular Camunda RUN installation in some specific folder?
Do I have to change something in this file?

Thanks in advance

See docker compose docs on how volumes work. Those lines you highlight are the folder paths within the docker folder. You then run docker-compose up, which will create the Camunda run instance.

If you want to duplicate this setup in your own local run instance then you need to place the files as described in the volumes sections of the docker compose into your run instance (in the same paths, relative to the root of your run instance)

If my Camunda BPM Run installation is situated in folder C:\Camunda\camunda-bpm-run-7.15.0
and Docker is installed in C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker
in which folder I must extract the zip file, which I download from here - Releases · StephenOTT/Cammand · GitHub
so when I run Cammand it will read the existing instances from my Camunda RUN installation?

Thank you for your answers