Camel-Camunda integration


Hello people,

I am exploring the potential of “camel <-> camunda” integration. Specifically, I am interested in consuming external tasks from Camunda (The rest of camunda-bpmn component is out of scope for now)

Do I understand it correclty, that camunda-bpmn component has a dependency to Camunda engine ?


Pls correct me if I am wrong: I think, that the error handling of “org.camunda.bpm.camel.component.externaltasks.TaskProcessor” is the reason for having an embedded camunda-engine?

private ExternalTaskService getExternalTaskService() {

    return camundaEndpoint.getProcessEngine().getExternalTaskService();



 CamundaUtils.retryIfOptimisticLockingException(new Callable<Void>() {
            public Void call() {
                        exception != null ? exception.getMessage() : "task failed",
                return null;

The loose coupling of Camunda BPMN and any client via external task client is imho not well implemented.

I will have a look at the other community project “”. Though, I loose the Camel integration :frowning: