Call non-tenant process from another tenant specific process

We have one tenant specific process definition for “tenantOne” and another process definition (say ESCALATION_HANDLER) for which there is no tenant specified. When I try to call “ESCALATION_HANDLER” from “tenantOne” specific process, it does not recognise it and complains that there is no “ESCALATION_HANDLER” definition found for “tenantOne”.
How can I force the process to ignore the tenant and just call the “ESCALATION_HANDLER” without any tenant?

My BPMN diagram of main process has this configuration. I have not specified any tenant id but still the main process tries to use its tenant id (tenantOne) and tries to call “ESCALATION_HANDLER” for “tenantOne” and since there is no such process defined, the call fails. What is the alternative?

Hi @yogeshrnaik,

Try to explicitly set tenant Id for the called process.
Put below expression for Tenant Id property of Call Activity

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The default behavior is that the tenant id of the calling process definition is used to resolve the called process process definition