Call Activity Conditional Boundary Event


Hi Camunders,

I have tried to evaluate the following Call Activity

It seems that Call Activity is not possible to evaluate an incoming variable (or I am doing something wrong).
I have tried to run the bpmn as a parent process with success.

I am using 7.9ee.
Can you please confirm that whether I am doing something wrong or it is a bug?

Thank you.



It’s not a bug - the model is incorrect.

The final parallel gateway is expecting the number of tokens equal to the number of sequence flows going into it.
You have 3 sequence flows point at it, but it is only possible for it to get 2 tokens - so there is a deadlock.

To fix it add an XOR merging gateway after your task and conditional boundary event.

With Regards to the Call Activity problem - can you explain it in more detail what exactly you’re trying to do and also if possible upload the model(s) so i can take a look


If I understand it correctly you suppose to make it as the following (the attached).
CallActivity.bpmn (21.8 KB)
The conditional boundary event is used to evaluate whether an external process was finished, thus the User task would not be needed anymore