"Bug" or Syntax? SequenceFlow after Event Based Gateway


Hello everyone,

with the latest modeler-update i cannot model the follwing prcoess anymore:

The blue sequenceFlow seems to be forbidden now.

This was never a problem before and in my understanding, this is not a syntax-violation.
Now it looks like, that the modeler only allows incoming sequenceflow connected to catch event that follows an event based gateway. I also may not merge the 2 sequence-flows with an exclusive Gateway, since the event based gateway expect a catch event (or recieve task).

My question in a nutshell:
Is this a “bug” or syntax?

Best greetings


Hi @Pippo_the_brave,

the modeler behaves corretly. An event after a event based gateway cannot be used for synchronzing other branches.

Hope this helps, Ingo


Hi Ingo,

thanks for your response!

So i guess the solution for modelling this in a collaboratin would be this, right?

Best Greetings