Bug in camunda modeler: Properties panel blocks whole screen and cannot be resized


Me and a colleague are experiencing the following bug in the current version of the camunda modeler:
On resizing the properties panel or clicking the label “Properties Panel” the panel is extended over the whole screen and the modeling panel is no longer visible. The properties panel is so large that it cannot be resized anymore (no anchor for dragging).

This is persistent: Also after reopening models or restarting the modeler, the properties panel is still fullscreen.
If I reduce the width of the panel by manipulating the css, the width of the panel is reduced until a restart of the modeler or a resizing of the properties panel.

Version: 1.9.0


Are you using the modeler with an external monitor? Then it could be this issue: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-modeler/issues/638


Maybe it is the same issue. I am using a multimonitor setup.

However I am experiencing the problem on both monitors and also when I am not in fullscreen. I am also not able to drag the panel back like it is shown in the animated gif.


Open Toggle DevTools (F12)

and set a new value for the width in the properties tag, like this:


This bug is still present in the current version of Modeler (1.11.3) and the above solution works only for 1 open diagram. If there are more than 1 diagram opened the modeler is practically unusable. Does anyone know if this issue is investigated? It’s seriously impeding our Camunda related work.


Still present in the version (1.12.0)


as a work around the properties panel can be reset from the window menu item on the main menu navbar.




This has been fixed in v1.13.0. Download: https://camunda.com/de/download/modeler/


It’s not fixed !!! the problem still present in 1.14.0


This issue is still seen in 2.2.3 version for Linux-x64