BPMN signal & error in subprocesses

Hi Dear Camunders,

I am trying to send error code into subprocess which is not attached to original subprocess.
I have found only one solution and it is to use signal symbol. I am not 100% sure about the solution so I have attached here solution whit error codes which is not valid


Thx for any suggestions.


Can you upload the process?

Hi @Niall,

To be more precise the bpmn is valid but the throwing error wont get into subprocess which starts with symbol event as shown in the picture

testBPMN.bpmn (15.8 KB)


Error events propagate up scope when thrown until they are consumed.
In this case the error event is caught by the sub process error catch before it ever has a chance trigger the catch within the event sub process.


thank you.
I have solved it in not very nice way, but it works. For anybody reading compensation symbols can be considered to be used.