BPMN not displayed on Cockpit Processes


I have a process which was getting deployed successfully on Eclipse Kepler, in the Cockpit there are all “Decision” definitions deployed of my process but it is not present in the “Processes” list as well as in the Tasklist.
Any suggestions?

MalattieRenali.bpmn (10.4 KB)

Thanks in advance for your cooperation

Problems to deploy a business rule task

How exactly are you deploying this to the engine?
Are you creating a war file and deploying it to an application server or using the rest API?

One of the reasons why it’s not deploying is because the XOR gateway you’ve added has no conditions defined.


I have changed my BPMN process.

MalattieRenali.bpmn (7.5 KB)

I deploy the project in camunda modeler, then I create a war file (in Eclipse Kepler) and copy it in the C:…\Downloads\camunda-bpm-tomcat-7.9.0\server\apache-tomcat-9.0.5\webapps folder.

Then I open .bat file, but Camunda Tasklist dosen’t allow me to process the project because it isn’t present in the list of the processes.


If you don’t see the process appearing the problem is that it’s failing to deploy.
You should probably write a JUnit in your eclipse project to catch the error. But once deployed you should be able to find the error in the tomcat logs.

It looks like there is a problem with your start form it contains invalid constraints. Maybe double check them.


ok, thank you very much!


Mr Niall, I have a new problem.
Now my process is present in Cockpit and Tasklist, I can Start it, but after the first task the system show me this advice.

The diagram is attached in previous messages
Thank you for your availability!


this seems like there is no DMN diagram with the key “diagnosi_malattia” in the war file that you have deployed.
If you are wondering what is the key. See the pic below.

If you want to fix this you have to add the DMN table(file) to the same folder where you have your BPMN diagram.


The DMN file is attached in the same folder.


that is great, could you also show its key?


Probably the error is in the connection of the two diagrams.


Aah :slight_smile: DRD has its own key, there is a difference between these two. DRD is basicaly a file containing DMN tables (just for our purposes in this case)
If you want to use DMN table in your diagram, you have to set the Decision Ref which is the DMN (not DRD) key. See the pic bellow.

Hope it helps.


Ok, I have changed the decision ref image
but now I have a new problem :sob:


Upload your DRD file containing that DMN table :slight_smile: we will make this working :slight_smile:


MalattieRenali.bpmn (5.8 KB)
MalattieRenali.dmn (14.8 KB)
Thank you, you’re really kind!


I think that you are using undefined variable in your DMN table (see the pic bellow).
To fix this define this variable in your bpmn process (this applies to all variables used in DMN tabbles as input).
You can just create this variable in the form or you can use execution listener if you don’t want to show this variable in the user form.


ok, thank you. I’ve deleted it.


what means this message: “An error happened while submitting the task form : Unsuccessful HTTP response” ?
and How can I resolve it?


Hi Alessandra,
could you elaborate on what you are doing while this error happens? And do you have access to logs or stack trace?


in this link I have attached my project.


Hi @alessandra.r,

Which server do you use - tomcat, wildfly, …?
Could you please upload your server log file, so we could see what exception do you see.

Best regards,