BPMN model file created by doWriteModelToFile API doesn't render well over Camunda Modeler


Hi Team,

Referring to this blog: https://blog.camunda.com/post/2014/02/the-new-camunda-bpmn-model-api/ , I was using bpmn-model-apis to create a process model and used writeModelToFile to write a bpmn model file.

  Bpmn.writeModelToFile(new File("target/new-process.bpmn"), modelInstance);

The file hence created new-procee.bpmn doesn’t render the picture in the camunda modeler.
I am not sure if this is normal. My guess is, there is something wrong with the model’s XML.

    failed to import content for file "bpmn-model-api2726815567980105991.bpmn"  [error]
    `no diagram to display  [error]`

failed to import content for file "bpmn-model-api2726815567980105991.bpmn"  [error]
bo.get is not a function  [error]

Ideally, the models carry XML tags that start with bpmn:, but this model’s XML lacks this. The blog link also suggests the same.

How do I view the model created through doWriteModelToFile API?


Hi Susenj,

If you want to import the model in the Modeler, please use Bpmn.convertToString().
For more information please check this page.

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Thanks Yana. We managed to do that.