Boundary Event not triggered


I have a model that invokes a number of external Microservices and I want the error handling on each of those service calls to lead to an activity that deals with them.

When an error is created on the first Microservice the error boundary event (bottom line/subprocess, the top line/subprocess deals with db errors and is working) works fine but when it occurs on the second or later service calls the boundary event is not triggering the activity created to deal with the errors. Please see below;

The boundary events were created in the exact same way; (Unfortunately being a newly signed up user i can not provide more than one image so I’ve put the rest in replies)

And in the JavaDelegate I’m throwing the BPMError with the corresponding error code;

It’s had me stuck for 2 hours now. Can anyone throw any light onto it for me?


SOLVED - Looks like Camunda Modeller xml had a rogue xml tag for an error that was not visible in the diagram stopping all error events from running after this rogue element in the flow