Boundary Event is completing task and Process instance


Hi Team,

I am using Boundary Event when I am updating process variable to send these updated value to other system so I am using listener.

Listener is executing expected as per given expression but my task is closing (even Process instance).

<bpmn:boundaryEvent id=“BoundaryEvent” name=" Data Variable Update" attachedToRef=“VALIDATION_TASK”>
<camunda:executionListener class=“” event=“start” />
<bpmn:conditionalEventDefinition camunda:variableName=“CASE_DATA” camunda:variableEvent=“update”>
<bpmn:condition xsi:type=“bpmn:tFormalExpression”>${CASE_DATA != null}</bpmn:condition>

When I am updating CASE_DATA variable with null then no execution of listener and When CASE_DATA is not null then listener is executing.

As per my workflow, Task should still remain on my User Task “VALIDATION_TASK”.

Please provide you input.

Sunil Kaushik


Thats because you’re using an interrupting boundary event - When the event occurs it will interrupt the task it is attached to - if you would rather it didn’t then you can use a non-interrupting conditional event.


Thanks Niall,

After using Non-interrupting boundary event, my issue has been resolved.
Thanks for your support/suggestion.

Sunil Kaushik