Block User Task starter from working on a task

I have a workflow to approve changes. I have a group MY_GROUP, and only the members of this group can create a process instance for this workflow using Tasklist.

The workflow has a User Task, with a checklist for approving or not a change. I am setting MY_GROUP to the Candidate Group and the workflow starter is a member of MY_GROUP, but I’d like to block the starter from approving his own change request.

Any idea how can this be done?

I thought about revoking permissions for the workflow starter over that task, but I would need to have the task id to do that, right? Can this be done using an Execution Listener on start and some Inline Script?


You could do it as a task listener.
When the task is claimed you can check if same user who started the task is trying to claim it and then you could throw an error.

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Thanks!! This works.