Back slash "\" in the string causing the issue


I am using getVariable and setVariable of DelegateExecution to get and the set the variable data as processing data.

execution.setVariable(“service_information”, execution.getVariable(“srvinfo”));

When the string contains back slash “” it is not working…

For Example if the string is as below, process is not working,
However, if I remove back slash it is working…

"DISK CRITICAL - used space:Total 115GB (72%); C:** 115 GB (96%); E:** 0 GB (0%); F**:** 0 GB (0%); G:** 0 GB (0%); H:** 0 GB (0%); "

The error what i am seeing when I post the data having above string over rest api call via postman is below.

**"type": "InvalidRequestException",**

** “message”: “”**

please let me how this can be addressed?


For example, the string i am using which contain back slash

DISK CRITICAL - used space:Total 115GB (72%); C:\ 115 GB (96%); E:\ 0 GB (0%); F:\ 0 GB (0%); G:\ 0 GB (0%); H:\ 0 GB (0%);

Hi @pvalluri,

I havn’t been in this situation, but maybe the reason is that \ is used as an escape character.

Most times you have to add another \ and write \\.

Hope this helps, Ingo