Avoid multiple active instances of a task



Flow Design:
I have a flow where BlueActor assign jobs to OrangeActors <Team A, task1; Team B task1… and soo>. If OrangeActors have any issue regarding the assigned job, the BlueActors job becomes active and BlueActor fixes the job requirement.

Now suppose both OrangeActor TeamA and OrangeActor TeamB raises issue, two active instances (two task Ids) of BlueActor jobs are created. Rather I want to have one instance of BlueActor job and that one instance must show the issue raised by both OrangeActor TeamA and OrangeActor TeamB. i.e., Don’t create new instances of task if one is already open/active.

Is there a way to do this within Camunda BPMN ?
Or What is the other way to do it if not in camunda BPMN?