Assign a workgroup to two different instances


I have a small detail in Camunda, I hope you can help me.

I have two processes or instances, those instances live in a Linux centOS Virtual Machine; the two processes occupy the same working groups.

  • the first process for example lives on port 80.

  • second process lives on port 81.

For example group 1, is assigned for the first and second instance in Camunda, now if I start a new instance for the first process without problems I start it, now I want to start the second instance with the same user that belongs to the same group it generates me the following error:

My idea is to have working groups that serve me for both instances, because the groups are the same people who carry out the tasks of the first and second instance.

For example, I start the first process that lives in localhost: 80, I claim the task, fill out the form and move on to the next task without any problem.

Now I log in to the second instance that lives in localhost: 81, with a user from the same group, this user cannot see the task that was created in the first instance when he should see it because he is from the same group and is the same user that I do the homework.


  • I have a group 1, with three users.

  • Group 1 is assigned to process one that opens at localhost: 80 and also for the second process, opens at localhost: 81.

  • Group 1 users must see and perform tasks from both the first and second process instances.

  • The users of group 1 are the same people who must carry out tasks in both the first and second processes.


Create another workgroup in Camunda Admin, with other users because it does not allow the same person to be registered twice.

The downside is that if I register other people they would not be the right ones to carry out the task.

Please I need guidance if what I am trying to do cannot be done or if it can be done and how to do it.


waiting for your comments.

Hi @MarioH,

This error seems as related to process application registration or content.

Are you deploying your process definitions as part of a process application?

Are you referring to different workflow definitions or to single definition but with multiple instances being started from different nodes?

Please make sure that the same process application war is deployed to both nodes.

Hi, @hassang

Any comments or suggestions, I still do not resolve the error.