Are camunda REST resources documented in swagger or open api?


Is there a way to have an overview of all the available REST resources in a web page, like using swagger-ui or open api? This would be very useful, thank you

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We’ve started describing all of our REST Calls in the OpenAPI standard. We don’t have them complete yet, but it’s only a matter of time.
Check out these docs for more details.

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One small additional question: how can I use the generator? and under which endpoint the open api doc is available? Thank you (Note: This was not specified in the doc)

Are you looking for the JSON file that describes the OpenAPI?
The full jar can be found here:

And the single file can be found here:

I was looking for a REST endpoint like the following:


Where I can visualize and call the REST apis.

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So far such option doesn’t exist.
We have a couple of tickets open for that but we have started with the implementation so far:

An alternative till then might be, download the documentation from the link that Niall provided and load it in the editor.


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