API Rest execute GET engine-rest/filter/{id}/list error


Hello friends,

I’m new to Camunda and am trying to integrate my app via rest.

However I’m having trouble accessing the method that lists the tasks of a filter.

I use a default instance, which I downloaded from the site, without changing anything.

When I try to call the

GET /engine-rest/filter/{id}/list

method it returns me an error:
“type”: “ProcessEngineException”,
“message”: “Unable to invoke method ‘taskAssignee’ on class ‘org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.TaskQueryImpl’”

can anybody help me? Thank you very much.
I apologize for Google’s English


I found the solution. And I was in front of me.

One of the filter criteria used is the $ {currentUser ()} method that can not be processed using a rest call without authentication.