API Docs for camunda-sdk-js


Hi guys,

I’m intended to use the Camunda JS SDK and embedd it into external application.
I studied the examples in Git and docs regarding the integration.

I’m wondering if there is anything like API Docs of teh Javascript library?
This would be very helpful, instead of reading your source code.

Kind regards,


camForm documentation?

Hi Simon,

there is a grunt task called jsdoc, so if you clone the source repository and run grunt jsdoc you should get some kind of API documentation in the documentation directory. No idea about the quality of this documentation though :slight_smile:



Perfect. That worked for me, even if usage of grunt-jsdoc in version 0.5.3 is a little legacy (didn’t work on Win, so I had to upgrade to the latest plugin 2.1.0).


I also had to update grunt-jsdoc on Mac.

I got this exception exception from uncaught JavaScript throw: Error: Module “taffydb” not found.
Got fixed when using 2.1.0


Is there a website that has the docs published? gh-pages maybe?


Just to shed some light; The documentation is generated with JSDoc.
It is like the javadoc of javascript :wink: It did not help me very much.


What were you looking for?


Any updates on documentation for camunda-sdk-js? Really would appreciate it


Yup. The grunt task jsdoc was removed on September '16.


No, still no extended documentation available it seems.


There is no documentation for API, usually so unfortunately you have to read source code for methods names and so on.
Lucky, most parameters are taken straight from REST API, so you can read docs for it.

Usually sdk-js methods are pretty simplistic, have form name(params, nodeCallback)

Or if you prefer promises you can skip callback, then promise will be returned.
Or use REST API directly, it is well documented and sdk-js does not provide much benefit to be honest.
You can do most of that with just fetch quite easily.