Apache camel and camunda

i’m trying to start with Camunda and Apache Camel.
I have Apache Camel in a Spring Boot environment running and simple filetransfer is working.

Now, i tried to implement Camel in Camunda and Camunda in Camel. For this project i used this, but i can’t get it running. :disappointed:

I can’t find an example which guides me through the implementation.

Please help, i not that familiar with Spring Boot and need support to implement and use Apache Camel. :pray:

So, i implemented the CamelServiceImpl & SpringCamundaBpmComponent in my spring boot apache camel project.
Also added that in my
apache pom.xml:


camunda pom.xml


Now, i get:

Parameter 0 of method setProcessEngine in org.camunda.bpm.camel.spring.SpringCamundaBpmComponent required a bean of type 'org.camunda.bpm.engine.ProcessEngine' that could not be found.

Consider defining a bean of type 'org.camunda.bpm.engine.ProcessEngine' in your configuration.
Process finished with exit code 1

May someone has some hints for me?

No one who has experience with Apache Carmel and camunda spring boot? :confused:

Is Apache Carmel not the right choice for a technical bus system?

Are there better solutions in the wild to be the hard working instance under the orchestrating tool camunda?

Or should i implement every little thing in camunda?
Or microservices for every task?
What do you use?

I‘m shortly before to introduce my first camunda process and don’t want to start with a blocking architecture.

applicationcontext.xml needs

<bean id="camel" class="org.camunda.bpm.camel.spring.CamelServiceImpl">
  <property name="camelContext" ref="camelContext"/>