Any plan to support DRG?

I find that the DMN engine not fully support DRG, like “input data” diagram element. Without input data support, I cannot get the complete input variables through API.
demo dmn file
duoqi-credit-min.dmn (1.9 KB)

Hi @xlhtc007,

what exactly do you want to do with the input data?

What do you mean with


Which API do you mean?

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I use the input data as the Output value of the decision table described by my dmn demo. For example, if a rule define the output value as a variable, I should prepare the variable value in the input variables Map. How can I know that? One way I consider is to define it in the “input data” Diagram.

Well. You can add the input data to the DRG but it has no execution semantics.

What should happen if the variable from the input data is not present?

So I should know all the inputs including input data and rule input through what ever way and prepare the inputs. I hope the DMN engine can provide the method to parse the input data. thx~