Any new user is getting created is getting part of admin

I am using camunda 7.11 with spring boot . The demo user is getting created with entry in the and that is fine. But when ever I am logging in and creating another user from the admin user :demo and try to logon with the new user ,it is showing in profile that the new user is of “camunda BPM Administrators” even if i have not added the new user in any group .
Even if I am adding the new user in any group , then also “camunda BPM Administrators” group is also coming along with newly added group.

am i doing anything wrong ? or is there any issue ?

I got the issue . It was merely a problem of properties to enable camunda bpm authorization

Can you be more specific for people that might have this problem?

If you donot use the below property , it will behave very weird as I stated .
enabled: true

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