Any idea how to create Custom reports in Optimize?

i am trying to create some custome reports in Optimize , any pointers how to do it would be great


Hi @vishucamunda

you might want to watch
Can you be more specific what kind of report you would like to build?


my idea is to build a dashboard which will regularly refreshes so that we can flash it on that screen felix
reports i wanted to build was

  1. how many applications got created monthly ?
  2. etc

and also i was looking for a option where the dashboard is continuously refreshed can i do that ?’


The first report you mentioned could be build like this:

The dashboard can also automatically refresh:

looks like its a latest version of Optimise i am using 2.10.full and thats only version which is supporting as i am using 7.10.1 Camunda engine

You should be able to create the same type of report with Optimize 2.1


Maybe you can have a look into this too

thanks felix