Allowing end user to input values into the DMN


I am trying to permit a non-specialist to input values into the running system without requiring a software engineer. For example, if a medical regime is required for five days for one patient or 8 days for another. Comparing to a list: for example diagnostic tests performed. I will appreciate any comments.


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I’m sorry but I don’t understand that you’re trying to archive. Please rephrase your question and explain your use case.

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I have users that will want to enter specific numbers in the inputs and outputs. We are conducting a research experiment. There are several parameters that each form part of a threshold. Initially, we may set the threshold A = 0.1 and threshold B = 7; this would lead to some decision D1. A later experimenter may want to st A to be a different number, say 21 and B, but still go to D1. I would like to avoid requiring a development cycle to change thresholds and constants within DMN tables.

Is there a simple way change constants to a DMN table to a set of new values?


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this sounds like a good use case for the DMN Live Editing feature in Cockpit. What do you think?

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perhaps what you want is to extract the value from a process variable. Hence if your rule was something like;

If input_A >= X, you can put an expression in the DMN cell. Thus if you wrap the DMN in a process and you create a process variable called say CONSTANTS = {“A” : “0.1”, “B” : “7” }, then in the cell of your decision table, you can use an expression >= CONSTANTS.prop(“A”).numberValue()

Hence you can pass in different configurations just by passing in a different value to start the process…