After switching to C-S-B-S-3.0.0 property camunda.bpm.webapp.index-redirect-enabled is useless


Dear Camundians,

after switching to Camunda-Spring-Boot-Starter-3.0.0 the property camunda.bpm.webapp.index-redirect-enabled is not disabling the redirect to the camunda webapp entry page any longer.

I found a Jira entry that is to fix the problem with +C-S-B-S-3.1.0-alpha, but IMHO in a strange way. In one of the last comments it is stated that the static content of the custom web-app has to be in src/main/resources/META-INF/resources (and will result in BOOT-INF/classes/META-INF/resources in the jar).

In contrast Spring Boot supports these resources for static content:

I think that camunda spring boot starter should support these locations (again, as it was in C-S-B-S-2.3.0).

Apart from that is there any workaround to get to the custom web app with C-S-B-S-3.0.0 to prevent reverting to 2.3.0?

Best Regards