Accessing variables from tasklist plugin


Hey folks,

We’re developing a custom tasklist plugin, to add some more information to the list of tasks a user sees in the task list - basically we want to show a couple of process instance variables below the normal information.

Building a basic plugin wasn’t too bad, and we can show some test content at the tasklist.card location (following the information at ) - but despite a fair bit of googling and reading code, I haven’t been able to work out how to show any variables.

Any hints here? It feels like this is something people would have done before - but while there are lots of cockpit plugin examples, there don’t seem to be many tasklist plugin examples apart from search plugins.


Hi @Korny ,

I havn’t done it by myself, but I think that a call to the variables of a process instance: would get the values from the server.

Then it should be easy to show them…

Hope this helps, Ingo


If you simply want to show some scalar process variables, you can say so in the filter definition which produces the task list and the variables will become visible. If the variables are complex json objects, a plugin is probably necessary.
Also, to retrieve variables, I found this useful to build the Uri:

Uri.appUri('engine://engine/:engine/task/' + camForm.taskId + '/variables')