Access constants from java file instead TimeCatchingEvent time config


I have all the constants in my java file, say, time config, gateway comparison values.
So is there any way I can access those values in the .bpmn directly?
Currently I’m hard coding the time of TimerCatchingEvent in say PT10M, but I want to access it from java file, or may be vice-versa will also work for me.
Say if this PT10M can be access in my java service file.

Also can I put these configs in any of database of camunda and access values in .bmpn directly would also be good.?


Most modeler fields accept expressions, so you could either refer to a configuration bean in your spring context (${myConfigurationBean.getTimerOffset()}) or hand over your config values as a processVariable map on process start and just refer to the variable (${aTimerConfigVariableISetEarlier}).