Ability to use hyphen (-) in string for user or group id


We have just started looking into Camunda BPM as part of a system we are developing and wanted to sync our users with the internally managed camunda users via the REST API. The plan was to store our UUID in the id property for users and groups but it appears this isn’t accepted. The same error occurs when trying to create a user or group via the administration interface.

Is there a setting to make “-” an acceptable character for users and group id’s?


Never mind, I think the answer is setting userResourceWhitelistPattern as per the docs here https://docs.camunda.org/manual/latest/user-guide/process-engine/identity-service/#custom-whitelist-for-user-group-and-tenant-ids

And just in case anyone comes across this thread and needs to know how to make it apply to the docker default.yml file here it is.

user-resource-whitelist-pattern: “[a-z0-9\-]+”
group-resource-whitelist-pattern: “[a-z0-9\-]+”
tenant-resource-whitelist-pattern: “[a-z0-9\-]+”