A simple Camunda Modeler Manager (on a Mac)

Hi there
I made a tiny project that helps you with the tasks to setup the Camunda Modeler.

  • Install/ Update the Modeler.
  • Install/ Update useful Plugins.
  • Installl/ Update the Script Plugin (extra Task as it is huge😳)

Check it out here:

Enjoy :upside_down_face: and let me know if you miss something!


Hi @pme123! This is awesome! :smiley: I was wondering if you would be open to transferring it to the Camunda Community Hub? If not, no worries!

Love this, and hope to see more projects with Scala in the future, for sure! Thank you for your wonderful contribution to Camunda. :slight_smile:

Hi @kiran.oliver
The only Scala here is the Ammonite Script - but since I can write my Bash Scripts in Scala I love to automate stuff :laughing:.

I will do that, if I you think this tiny project is worth it :wink:

Hello @pme123 ,

what came to my mind was: Is there a way to make this accessible via Homebrew as well?
Just a thought, I use Homebrew but I never provided content for it.

Btw, really cool thing! Not enough users know about the power of Modeler Plugins!


Hi @jonathan.lukas

No I never provided (or tried to provide) something with Homebrew. But is definitely the best way on a Mac :slightly_smiling_face:.


I just upgraded the camunda-code-editor-plugin to 0.4.0 in the manager. It is now much smaller :wink:. If you already have cloned the Repo, you need to pull the Repo as the naming of the Bundle has changed.